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If you need a space to get ready, you are invited to use our salon! We provide 2 options:


Limited Rental- $150

With this option, you are welcome to bring up to 8 guests with you (including the guests receiving services.) No additional service providers like photographers are allowed. Other services may be going on in the salon during your service time, which is why we must limit the use of the space. Any additional guests will result in a charge for the private rental fee. We provide drinks in the salon -- waters, soft drinks & coffee.

Salon Rental

Private Rental-

Friday & Saturday $1000

Sunday- $250

Have the whole space to yourselves! There is plenty of room, seating and mirrors for everyone-including your makeup artist and photographer. We provide drinks -- water, coffee, soft drinks, wine, & mimosas*. Bring food or anything else you need to make yourself comfortable for the day.

Salon rental must be booked at least 3 months in advance.
*Mimosas are limited to 2 bottles of champagne.

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