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Extension Rental

Clip-in Extensions can add length for those half up looks, volume to get those pinterest inspired voluminous buns, and help your normally lifeless hair hold shape and curl all night long. With our rental option, you pay a fraction of the cost you would pay to purchase clip-in extensions, use them for the wedding day, then send them back to us! Rental service is available to anyone who wants to use it, for any special occasion!


Make a $200 deposit in order to reserve the hair needed for your event. No need to clean them or do anything special after you're done- just toss them back in the back and bring them back to the salon within 7 days of the event date. $125 is returned to you when we get the hair back.


We ensure that all hair and accessories are thoroughly cleaned, disinfected and sanitized between each use. Our process includes using a medical-grade disinfect on clips, hanger and bag, along with UV light to kill anything that's left.

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